Computer Torque Monitoring
Computer Torque Monitoring

Rig Service's Computer Torque Monitoring takes the guesswork out of knowing the connections were made-up properly.  Our Torque Turn Management System is a software tool that monitors and controls the make-up of tubular connections using external control hardware.

Key features include:

  • Monitors torque, turns, and rotational speed during make-up
  • Optional controls speed during make-up
  • Controls based on either final torque or final turns
  • Includes calibration management system
  • Includes automatic "Start Recording" and "Dump Valve Release"
  • Includes automatic descriptive comments with optional over-ride
  • Optional hydrostatic or nitrogen External Pressure Test Systems available

Our Computer Torque Monitoring Services works simultaneously with our Conventional and Integral Power Tong Services. You can further maximize the benefits when combining our Thread Supervision Services. For more information about our Computer Torque Monitoring Services please contact our experts.